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Before I get started, NB the following photographs are not mine: picture of me at Olympia, the two dogs together, the kayaks, and the people taking photographs of the whale from the boat.

Took a long weekend to the cape, visiting Provincetown in specific. Rained the whole way down and all of Friday, and half of Saturday, but cleared up Saturday afternoon and left us alone. Overall, things were pretty nice, as they weren’t too busy, but most of the shops were open, if with reduced hours.

I’d intended to hit the Lobster Trap in Bourne, but screwed up with my initial notes. Instead, ended up at the Olympia in West Dennis (I think). It sucked. Oh well, it was an experience. The large amount of cars outside were apparently for the Keno place next door.

Anyhow, walked around Provincetown a bit, and saw the usual assortment of things. After the lackluster dinner at Olympia, a slice from Spiritus made the night much better.

Day two was a bit more interesting; had breakfast and then walked around Provincetown some more.

Had lunch at this crepe place; the proprietors were quite friendly. Had some savory crepes that were pretty good, though … I think I’m ruined to crepes since Paris. If I’d been more hungry, I would have gone for a sweet crepe with nutella, but I didn’t have it in me, since I knew a boat trip was coming up, and being stuffed for that … may not have gone well!

So, anyhow, ended up doing a whale watch cruise thingy with untold hundreds (well, seemed like a lot) of other people. Seeing the whales was pretty cool! Saw a lot of humpbacks and finbacks. Unfortunately, there were a lot of other people along on the boat:

Towards the end of the journey a lot of these people got seasick and left little presents all over. I did not, since I took my Dramamine ahead of time. We won’t dwell on that. Instead, whales!

Overall, was a nice little journey, and learned a little (not a lot), got to see some cool things. But, not something I need to repeat, I don’t think. I really don’t like going tout and doing something “natural” like that with gobs of other tourists, especially that ones that behave like total douchebags the whole trip. Oh well.

In the mouth of the above bird are the little eels that the humpbacks are feeding on. The whales bring them to the surface, and the birds know this, so they scavenge for it. Clever.

After the boat trip it was time to return to Spiritus for an espresso shake. Can’t go wrong with espresso and ice cream.

Walked around a bit, including going near the monument, even though the museum was closed. Would like to see ptown from the top one day, but wasn’t overly excited about climbing all the steps, should it have been open.

Dinner was at the Lobster pot. It looked sort of like a tourist trap. The Wellfleet oysters were sort of lousy (not surprising, considering the time of year), but the rest of the stuff was quite good; this was a very pleasant surprise. Things tended towards the complex (lots of flavors in each recipe), but they somehow pulled it all off. Yay!

Had breakfast the next morning and then headed to Race Point beach to see the ocean; it was pretty and almost deserted, which was nice.

Stopped in Providence on the way back, had some mediocre burritos. Not particularly impressed by the Brown campus; probably missing something.

Anyhow, need to get some of the photos in full resolution up to flickr, and all that, but I had a really nice time; it was good to get away for a while.

Random parting thoughts:

  • Whales have bad breath!
  • Camera gear rambling (feel free to skip): I brought all of my lenses, since I had a car to ferry things around. Turns out I shot every shot on either the 35/1.4L or the 300/4L. To be fair though, it was mostly walkabout (35) or boat photos (300). I also did a quick inventory of my lenses, and realized I now have more L glass than normal. I hadn’t realized, but I’m also down to two zooms (17-40/4L and 70-200/4L). I’ll probably replace my 70-200/4L with a 70-200/2.8L IS when budget permits, as the long end of the non-stabilized 4 is pretty much a waste outside of heavy sun; I don’t really see myself swapping out the 16-35/2.8L even on full frame, as in situations where I’d be tempted to go to the 16-35, I’d probably just want to use my 35/1.4L. On the other hand, I have zero desire to carry a 200, 135, and 85 around — the only advantage would be subtlety over the white casing. So, I think things will stay that way for a while — I love my primes.
  • In other news, taking a killer shot and then dropping the depth of field an inch behind your target is a big bummer, and hard to spot on a 1.5" LCD.
  • Slightly less gear-focused: The only useful camera is the one I have; I need to remember to always carry one. Even if the tiny little ELPH takes horrible photos, it’s still better than nothing. I get in a lot of situations where I don’t feel like carrying my DSLR around, especially when I’m hanging a heavy L prime in front of it (the unfortunate truth is a cheap body with a cheap zoom is probably a quarter of the weight and half the size, and as such far more convenient). So, I don’t, and I end up missing a terrific photo opportunity.
  • The Carriage House in Cape Cod features a good location, but was lackluster otherwise.
  • Visiting the cape in the off-season is definitely the way to go. Driving back still took a bit, but things were way better than they are in the summer.
  • Apparently the traffic circle near Bourne is just … gone. This pisses my GPS off to no end.