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Went to Philadelphia this weekend in order to celebrate Bill’s birthday. Being a holiday weekend, that looked a lot like this:

Visited Elfreth’s Alley, which is about as exciting as it sounds. It is, after all, a narrow alley. I guess I just don’t appreciate history, compared to, say, really old stuff in Europe. Or Asia. Maybe I’m being silly, though.A

Came across this little pastry shop. All the pastries looked like shit, so didn’t try any of them.

Didn’t go inside Betsy Ross’s house, it looked busy.

Anyhow, saw a lot of the historic area, it was lovely.

And now, without further delay, I present a guest cat on my blog:

Had dinner at Fogo de Chao. It was quite good. The Sirloin wasn’t quite as good as Plataforma, but nearly everything else was better, I thought. I also came with the added wisdom of not completely stuffing myself beyond belief, rather just stuffing myself pleasantly. It was rather good, that way. I’d do it again. I love meat.