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I talked to my vet about trying to get custom pet tags ordered, they didn’t have any advice, beyond “try that machine at Wal-Mart.” They used to do it, but got out of the business, and don’t have an outsourced tag maker at the moment either. I should probably get the cats chipped, but that’s another story.

Anyhow, I am very pleased to report that, unlike tagsandmore.com, Boomerang Tags is very fast and very responsive. Their merchandise is of significantly higher quality, as well. They accommodated a last-minute change to my order via email, and the product arrived in two days. If you’re looking for pet tags, I highly recommend trying Boomerang Tags. I ended up with some velcro safety collars with metal bands for the identifying information (no hanging/ringing/snagging, all of which the cats don’t particularly like), and am quite pleased.