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I’ve started down the dangerous road of double edged razors. Frustrated with a not-smooth result from cartridge razors, and enticed by the romance and economy of double edged shaving, I’m teaching myself to shave with a safety razor.

It’s sort of depressing learning to shave a third of the way (give or take) through my life. Oh well. I haven’t nicked myself yet, but the process of actually shaving with the DE razor is slow going; I’m mostly sticking to the large flat surfaces and not hitting anything bumpy, uneven or small yet. For those the cartridge razor is still being used. The shaving soap and badger brush is a nice experience, though.

That’s the 666th picture on my blog, by the way. Good thing I have no superstitions.

Anyhow, have been on a monochrome kick lately, and had the 100/2.8 macro out to do some hand-held indoor shots on the 40D.