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I meant to mention; Canon implemented my wish list already in the 40D. About the only thing it doesn’t do is have the ability to bring the custom stored settings into the “current mode” permanently, but that’s not a biggie.

Now I just need my pipe dream: Full frame self-cleaning sensor, no on-camera flash, at least EOS-3 level AF performance and sensor linking for metering (it’s sad that a film camera from a decade ago was far more capable in this department), 6+ FPS sustained, EOS-1/3 ergonomics and button layout (that is, please god, no mode dials), and under $2000. I could care less about megapixels, though 12+ would be a bonus.

Of course, such a thing will never be made, as it would get rid of the need for the entire EOS-1 line, save for studio use.