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Golden beets (not red), boiled, peeled, sliced, and covered in feta. I’d never tried gold beets before; they’re purportedly sweeter and milder than their red brethren, and “don’ t stain.” I’d disagree; they just stain yellow, and they still taste like beets. But they’re a bit milder, and worked alright with the feta. Pretty simple side dish.

Cast iron duck, prepared ala Alton Brown. Couldn’t find Duck at Stop & Shop or Whole Foods, so ended up at Balducci’s, where they had prepackaged D’Artagnan breasts, which cost too much and still had too many quills intact. Oh well. Probably would have liked to have rendered a bit more fat out of them, and slightly undercooked the meat, but it was still tasty. It’s served over red flannel hash in duck fat, which worked out alright; it tasted good, but I overcrowded (two) pans to begin with, which made it a bit tough.

And this is poached eggs served over radicchio and endive, topped with a tarragon dijon something dressing; it was alright.