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Went to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center today. It was relatively deserted, probably due to the fact that it was hot.

Very hot. This is in the shade at the barn:

There may have been six other people outside at the whole place in the time we were there that weren’t farmhands. It was good to be wearing sunscreen.

Anyhow, the main reason for visiting is that Nathan Sawaya had an exhibit at the museum that I was interested in seeing. It was cool, though I wish it had shown more of his work. Oh well!

After that, it was a hot hike through the trail system of the place. It took about seven minutes. Alright, that’s not being kind. It took about thirteen minutes. It was hot, humid, and bug-ridden, and not altogether worthwhile. There are many better places to take a short hike/walk in the area, including the adjacent (and connected) Bartlett Arboretum.

So, on to the farm and animal area, to get our $8/pp worth. A plastic bottle with some frozen beverage inside was fascinating to the otherwise bored-looking river otter. Other than that, we had birds, cows, and donkeys, and all of that yummy stuff…

Higher resolution copies and some other shots from the place uploading to flickr now, should be up whenever the quarter gig finishes uploading…