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So, seriously, this entry took longer to write than the problems did to solve, and that’s only true because I found myself lost in thought about Fratres and Spiegel Im Spiegel. I suspect the rest of the chapter is going to kick my ass, however, since number theory hurts me where I think.

10110 – Light, More Light

Used the Knuth approach. Wrote out the first 16. Spotted the pattern. Implemented a hack of a solution, and moved on.

Starting to worry that it’s just going to be like the last two chapters. More patterns. Fucking patterns. I hate finding patterns.

Completely. Random. Digression: Everybody fucks up Fratres; they don’t deliberate enough, and they need to take a chance and let the thing fucking sink in. Compare the Goldberg Variations from when Gould was young to when he was old, and delight in the thoughtful and mourning approach in his later years; it burns you in your soul and sends chills down your spine. Everybody is playing Pärt like Gould played the variations the first time around; children, they think it’s funny!

10006 – Carmichael Numbers

My solution hard codes the 15 Carmichael numbers between 2 and 2**16, because anything more complicated would be a waste of brain cells.

I mean, seriously, it’s a level 2 problem, supposedly … there aren’t that many Carmichael numbers, and we should all know about OEIS by now … why the hell would I waste my time coding something more complicated?

10104 – Euclid Problem

My solution is just copy and paste (with creative license to save keystrokes) from a few pages prior in the book. They provided the code to solve the problem.

It’s shameful, really.