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“Have had very little to say recently” but I tend to just not post, rather than say something like that. Here’s the news that’s fit to print.

I’m going to Utah this weekend to have boots made.

Thus far, with a couple of notable exceptions, everybody I’ve mentioned this to has laughed, or at least thought I was kidding.

It’s no joke. I’m having bespoke hiking boots made, and making a vacation out of it.

I’m hoping to visit Dinosaur National Monument and Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area while not dealing with the intricacies of boot construction.

Beyond that, I’ve packed about a dozen books and a ton of camera gear; I’m hoping to get some nice photos and some practice taking them. We’ll see if there’s anything pretty to photograph. There better be, or else the two bodies, flash, and 6.5 lenses I’m lugging there are going to be used to beat myself to death. If I find myself intellectually challenged (hah), I’ll have a computer, so I can work on some programming puzzles, which I’ve been neglecting.

Some quick unrelated thoughts:

I’m thinking of joining the Norwalk Camera Club when it gets rolling again in the fall. I’m hoping a monthly competition will help me improve what I’m doing, as well as get me interacting with other folks and learn new things other than “my god, I wish I had a full frame sensor and an 85/1.2L II.” Equipment only gets me so far… The social anxiety of walking into a meeting scares me, but I’m convinced there are things I can learn that won’t come just from reading forums/websites and lots of practice, and that means socializing with other photo people.

Wiki was hissing the second she got in the exam room at the vet today; the assistant actually wore the padded gloves, it was sort of scary, I’ve never seen her like that. Hissing, spitting, biting, claws out, teeth out … I think she’s finally just really fucking tired of getting poked and prodded. Every time she goes for an exam now (monthly), she gets her ear cut for a glucose reading, and I think she really doesn’t like that.

The Soulwax remix of You Can’t Always Get What You Want is stuck in my head. For a week now. There’s something menacing about the beat to which they mated the song.

GTAIV is the best video game ever made. I say this despite some massive flaws. It may not be seminal, it may not be a generational improvement, it may not even work particularly well. But it’s the best game ever. Ever.

MGS4 is the most confusing video game I’ve ever played. I haven’t played much of it (well, I spent half an hour watching TV, in the game, in HD, about some octopus). It’s very pretty, but something in my mind doesn’t get the concept of “you have tons of guns” and “don’t kill anything or get noticed.”

I moved offices again at work; due to the way things worked out, I ended up in the office that was occupied by my first boss (one of the best managers I’ve ever had, incidentally). It overlooks main street, the river, a bunch of trees, and the hill. It has a nice view of the approach pattern for HPN (I think; I’ve seen no heavies, generally planes are no higher than a few clicks, and are heading due south, I presume before a westbound turn; I’ve taken that approach coming from the west before into HPN, flying over Stamford). During the day many birds fly across the view, and at night the bugs come out in force. Watching the storms over the last few days has been really nice. Here’s a 50MB video of my office, featuring approximately 25MB of staring at an empty whiteboard (while I’ll claim some amount of talent at still photos, my video-making ability leaves something to be desired, and I don’t even know where I’d begin to actually edit a video). I have enough cabinet space to hold about half of my library (packed pretty tight, to be fair), which pleases me greatly.

Anyhow, what’s fascinating to me about having a window is how much nicer it is. I have something to focus on other than a wall a foot behind my monitor; my eye strain is reduced. My back pain is reduced, for reasons I still can’t figure. The ambient lighting means I need no lights in the office during the day, and I can naturally flow into no light for late-night hacking. Despite the distraction of seeing outside and an impending vacation, I can actually focus more, which confuses me as well. And, maybe it’s just the sunlight, but I just feel better.

Like, I’m looking forward to coming back and working in my office when I get back from vacation.

That’s sort of fucked up.

More from Vernal as it happens.