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I got up this morning at eight, since breakfast stops at nine. Had a lovely shower, and then had some lousy breakfast. But it’s something I don’t have to pay for (beyond that I already have, obviously), which is nice. Back up to room I packed up my gear, put on some sunscreen, and set out on a drive. First I drove by the foot lab, since I wanted to make sure I knew how to get there tomorrow. It wasn’t at all where I or the Garmin expected, but was very easy to find. Shouldn’t be an issue.

Then I kept driving along the same road, as I saw some interesting features a ways up. I stopped several times just to snap photos of things, and ended up taking a leisurely stop at McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs. I was alone in the park, and decided to attempt the rough half mile of rocky trails along with a full load of camera gear. I are smart, right?

No injuries, but got some nice photos, with any luck. Either way, I blew six gigs of memory cards, so it was productive.

More importantly, it was a nice workout, very relaxing, and I got to see some interesting things.

I walked back to where I’d parked, paid for a soda from the refrigerator, and discovered that Mountain Dew with Strawberry and Ginseng is about the most tasty thing on earth when you’re parched and warm.

Kept on driving up the road, and saw a lot of beautiful things. Kept finding little roads to drive up, and then drove back down when they became dead ends. Tried not to piss on too much private property while turning around, since it was usually pretty hard to figure out what roads lead to private property, or would be thirty miles long.

Ended up by the red cloud loop, saw some more beautiful things, and then began the fun part. For various reasons, I’m not going to talk in detail about any of it, except for these notes:

  • It was the most terrifying experience of my life.
  • I thought I was going to die, for nearly three hours.
  • On a scale of good to really bad, good starts with a tie between spraining my ankle and vomiting at the end, and it goes downhill from there.

I was going to drive out to the monument this evening and catch the sunset and stars there, but I’m still too shaky to go out again, so that’ll have to wait until I have a free afternoon, or Friday, whichever comes first. Also, it looks like it’s going to thunderstorm, and while the lightning will make for good pictures, I’m just not really feeling it.

Tomorrow I start the bootmaking process, and will probably hit the Utah Field House Museum in town; I think it’s $6.00. While it’s probably a tourist trap, I’m sort of curious to see what they have, and might actually learn something. To this point I’ve been admiring the geology and what little bits I understand (ooh, glacial erratic, or ooh, it’s a rock drawing that we don’t understand or know why is there), but without any knowledge or guidance.