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Turns out the geographic feature I was trying to find in part one of my journey was the Dinosaur National Monument. I got much closer to it today. There’s not too much to mention in words here, it was a pretty place to visit thus far (I’ll probably be back at some point, the place is huge, and I’ve barely hiked any of it yet). It was very quiet, other than the wind (everywhere) and water (in places). The views were spectacular, and aren’t communicated well by the photos.

I should have installed Digital Photo Professional on this PC; the raw processing I’m getting out of Picasa isn’t really giving me what I want. As a result, the stuff going to flickr and such will have to wait until I can post-process stuff at home. Anyway, here are a few pulls from the library. 8.67GB and counting on the disks…

These photos were from the drive back, and weren’t in the monument itself:

Some random thoughts:

  • The 17-40/4L keeps surprising me. I’m in love with shooting everything through my 35/1.4L, but the 17-40/4L is still a damn fine piece of glass. Most of the time I’m walking around I have the 17-40/4L on the 20D and the 35/1.4L on the 40D; if I had a 14mm, I’d probably pass on the zoom entirely. Oh well.
  • Random roadside burrito way better than random roadside BBQ.
  • Road quality out here is awful. Navigational guidance from GPS even worse. It often wants me to take boulder-filled off-road trails. No joke.
  • Still haven’t quite hit the “I’m relaxed and on vacation” feeling yet. Soon, I hope.