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Things I learned today:

  • My instincts about whether or not a restaurant will suck remain surprisingly acute.
  • Midday desert hikes above 8,000 feet are a lot of work.
  • A “Dive Provo” t-shirt means something entirely different to people in Utah.

Went back to Merrell this morning, in order to tune the orthotics I have and pick up another pair (that were mated to a pair of North Face tennis shoes; somehow all the shoes I wear are still gray). He needed some help with his computer, and offered to show me how to shave with a straight razor in exchange. I hate it when people discover I’ve used computers before. I think from now on I’m going to state that I’m unemployed. I think I solved the computer issues (fuck Windows, seriously; if you’re an individual and you’re not great with computers, please buy a mac, now, and forget you ever owned a PC), and seeing how one shaves with a straight razor is interesting. With some more practice with the double-edge, I may be up to the challenge. We’ll see.

Anyway, hit up Dinosaur National Monument again, this time from the canyon approach. That meant about 40 miles to get to Dinosaur, CO, turn north, and another 32 miles to the trailhead I hiked. It was pretty, but the trip there was not as scenic as some of the previous drives. Still worth it (and if I hadn’t seen the other stuff I’d say awesome), but if you’re time-constrained and in Vernal, stick to dinosaur side (even with the visitor center being out of commission) and go to Flaming Gorge.

Just to explain that one, the wind at the top of that particular hill is epic; the ruffles in my shirt are due to that, and I’m trying to communicate that I can hardly stand.

During the mildly tedious drive, I tried to figure out what these things are for on the road. My best guess now is that they’re used to prevent cattle from going past the fence; while easy to drive across, I’m thinking legs would slip through and break … or the cow would be smart enough not to step into it. That’s probably not correct, but if somebody does know what they are, I’d love to hear it.

After the hike (and another 32 mile drive out of the park), I stopped at a dinky little tourist trap that advertised homemade ice cream. The strawberry rhubarb was novel, though bland. The pecan praline was quite nice.

Not too many pictures today; sorry. Just wasn’t that much that photographed well midday. C’est la vie.

Tomorrow I need to hit the rental car place; my front bumper looks to be coming off. After that, time depending, I’m thinking of driving to Salt Lake City (will be about six hours round trip), as I think I’ve about consumed Vernal. But we’ll see, I may just settle down and read a bit, as I’m behind on that.