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In case you’re thinking of staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Vernal, UT, don’t.

My experience:

  • Double billed long before I ever got here (they fixed this mistake on their own, luckily, and sent a letter of apology, to their credit).
  • Thin as shit walls that transmit the sound of adjacent televisions and talking. I could hear people’s conversations clearly from my bed, and they weren’t talking loud.
  • The pool was closed three of the four days I attempted to go swimming.
  • Twice during the week I was pulled out of my room in the evening due to a false fire alarm.
  • My bathroom was restocked inconsistently and incompletely; they only replenished my water about half of the time, never brought me another bar of soap, and didn’t even bother servicing my room Saturday (I intentionally left it for two separate stretches, during which time I know for a fact several other rooms were processed).
  • My tissues weren’t replaced at first, even though the warning tissues were showing. There was exactly one tissue left in the box after that day’s housekeeping visit. Really classy, that. There’s a reason they use indicator tissues. At least I thought there was.
  • The toilet paper holder was so overstuffed that the toilet paper itself couldn’t roll.
  • Three separate times I approached the front desk needing something (trivial things, mind you), and I couldn’t get it, because “the general manager has just left.” An example is change. I just wanted some change. They couldn’t get me any, because the general manager was out. They would normally have change, but they’d forgotten, I guess? I had a hard time understanding, because they kept laughing about it and making excuses. Like a bunch of children. Can’t we hire some fucking professionals here?
  • There were no cinnamon buns at breakfast for the last three mornings!
  • Long hairs were left on my sink on two occasions. I realize it’s hard to see them against dark granite, but they were still pretty easy to spot.
  • My bed linens were not changed regularly, just re-made. There was no indication that this would be the procedure anywhere around the room.
  • The “high speed Internet” was overloaded and high latency, especially in the evenings. 1000ms+ was pretty common to a fast site.

Yes, I can complain about these things. Maybe I’d get something knocked off my stay or something. But this is absurd; it’s obvious that the people managing this place just don’t give a fuck or there wouldn’t be so many things wrong. Things I expect as a basic standard at a $50/night place were not handled here.

I’m not saying the other hotels in town would be better (I shudder to think of it), but for what it cost to stay in the middle of ass-backwards nowhere, it’s sad that I’m going to be staying at a Hilton next week for half as much. And I’m confident the experience will be pleasant, compared to this.