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I’m pretty set in my ways for buying things online — if I can, I buy through Amazon. If I can’t, I suck it up. But, generally speaking, the availability of Amazon prime, and direct Amazon billing for third-party merchants (that is, no need to register new accounts everywhere) is a huge time and hassle saver.

I’d heard good things about Zappos for a while now. I needed to find a pair of motion control 12E shoes to house my orthotics; for the most part, these don’t exist (12D is pretty hard to find, but I find it just a wee bit narrow). Zappos had exactly one pair. I bought them; they arrived the next day for free (my order was selected for some reason for free fedex overnight delivery; no complaints). I had confidence because I knew, for free, I could return them without issue.

But I don’t need to, they fit great, and feel a lot better than the stopgap pair I picked up in Vernal.

Their website sucks and is a pain to use, but so far everything else has been quite pleasant; I’d shop there again.