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Stop calling me. I will not even have a conversation with you if:

  1. You lack a website. Even a third-grader can make a decent looking website.
  2. You lack a reputation. It should be obvious some of the big clients for which you recruit. If you can’t tell me who your clients are, you are not a boutique recruiter, and I won’t deal with you. I have no reason to use you unless I can’t get in the door somewhere myself.
  3. You won’t tell me where you got my number, except that “it was from somebody who spoke of you highly.” The list of people that will speak of me highly is small, and the subset of that list that won’t let me know who they are is the empty set.
  4. You’re using an old phone number. It is very easy to find a current resume and contact number for me. You aren’t working for me if you aren’t doing something this basic.
  5. You want me to sell out my friends and coworkers for nothing in exchange. Do you think I’m stupid? Why would I do your job for you?
  6. You’re trying to sell me to a cost center. I am done working in a back office. Sorry.

Please try and keep up. Thanks!