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No, I didn’t buy a kevlar-reinforced solid silver 300-meter HDMI interconnect.

I was ordering a $2.93 1/8" to RCA adapter from Amazon. Due to the miracles of Amazon Prime, I do this sort of thing rather than go to a brick and mortar store, where it will a) cost me more money b) tempt me to buy other things.

Except I had placed a television in my cart earlier in the week in order to get the price, and I hadn’t removed it.

And I forgot I’d done that.

And because it was a $3 cable that was Amazon Prime shipping compatible, I didn’t even pay attention to my order (reader: this is where I learn my lesson).

Then I went out for some hot oil pizza at Colony Grill. And came back, cleaned up a bit, pet the cats, checked my email.

And noticed in my order confirmation that I’d spent a little bit more than $2.93 for a cable.