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I came home for a brief stop Friday, on the way to another adventure, and noticed that my apartment smelled like raw sewage. I checked out the drains and faucets, and everything sounded pretty normal. Weird.

I sniffed around for quite a while until I discovered the culprit; it was my UPS. Still providing power with all the lights green, this didn’t make sense, but it smelled like a weird combination of burning and sewage. And it burned me when I touched the bottom of the case. And it was leaking something. Which it shouldn’t do if it’s a sealed system.


So, I went through the power-everything-down dance, and switched to mains until I could get a replacement UPS into the Tubbs Center for Advanced Computation.

Anyhow, I can’t figure out quite what happened; line current and voltage draw remained steady, as was all the other metrics. About the only weird thing is that the usual heat/cool cycle which has run like clockwork for months abruptly stop Thursday, the day before the smelly meltdown seemed to happen:

It didn’t seem to be fan/cooling subsystem failure, as that was still running long after the unit was unplugged and cycled off.

Unexpected hardware failure for the loss.

My Xbox360 has been locking up a lot lately, as well as my car GPS. I love technology that fails.

And by love, I mean hate.

I ended up replacing the UPS with a slightly lower VA unit, anticipating that when I replace the PowerMac G5 with an n-way Xeon, I should see a substantial draw reduction (right now the G5 is pulling about 300W idle, according to the UPS). Working on rebuilding my kernel to support this newfangled USB crap, as I don’t have the proper adapter to convert the unit’s data port to serial.