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The last time I had something large shipped from Amazon, I had a very unpleasant experience with Eagle Global Logistics. Let’s see how they do this time!

Part One

So, I ended up with something else big from Amazon being shipped by a logistics provider. The “new” provider is CEVA, which, it turns out, is actually just the new company created as a merger of Eagle and TNT logistics. Joy. Should have known better to be optimistic when I saw that Amazon changed their logistics provider.

I get my shipment update email this morning that says that they called yesterday and an appointment has been set up. This is exciting because stuff wasn’t supposed to show up until Wednesday or Thursday! Score one point for the new logistics conglomerate!

Except I didn’t hear from them yesterday (take one point away), I have no voice mail on any of my phones (and another point), and I don’t know of any appointment being set up (and another).

So, I call their 1-800 number this morning, and the lady there says “huh, looks like they jumped the gun, but this is actually our Connecticut office, and you’re being fulfilled out of JFK, here’s the JFK number.”

That’s sort of weird. Fine, I’ll call the other office.

I call the JFK office, and the lady asks me “what’s up?” (dock another point) Er… So I start explaining, and then she interrupts me and says “we have another call, please hold” (yeah, one more).

Weird. Okay, so I hold. Eight minutes later a guy picks up and says hello, and then he puts me back on hold (we’ll let this one slide). Then the lady picks up three minutes later, and says “Hello, er, oh, right, he’s still on the other line” and I’m back on hold (but not this one).


Seven minutes later I’m spontaneously directed to voice mail (sounds like the guy who briefly talked to me), so I leave a voice mail (that’s good for another point to be taken away). I leave a message.

Score so far: 5 in the hole. Let’s see how we do in part two, when either they return my call (been an hour already, I’m not hopeful), or I become impatient and call them again.

Part Two

They called just before 11 and informed me I have an appointment between 13:00 and 17:00. Whee. At least they called back (1 point).

I’ve never understood this, incidentally. I would think most shipment companies know within half an hour of when they’ll be there. And they’re usually late. But, if I’m talking to the guy in the truck right now, and it’s 11:00, then he can probably guess if he’s actually going to be at my place by 13:00. For that to happen, he would need to eat his lunch, and drive to my place, well, sometime in the next two hours. It’s not as if he has a computer that just randomly rolls dice and decides I’m next.

I know, probably everybody since the dawn of delivery windows has complained about this, but I just don’t get it.

Score so far: -4

Part Three

17:00. No logistics dude yet (yeah, that’s going to cost you five more points).

Part Four

18:00. Still nothing (I lost track of the score).

Part Five

Guy called at half past six. He brought it to my apartment, then pushed it along the carpet, leaving a nice dirty black smudge on the carpet that doesn’t want to come out. Joy. Nice touch.

He and I worked together to unpack a television and put it on the stand, as it’s not a one-man job (shame they only send one man).

Guy was suitably friendly, and patient while I made sure it turned on and worked.

Loki, while waiting, was enjoying the new perch on the TV stand:

Overall, not impressed with the experience, but that’s not surprising.

And, now, I own a television. I’d been babysitting Sarah’s Aquos LCD for a while now, but with her moving out of corporate housing, she’ll be wanting that back. I ended up with a plasma:

Thus far it is stunning. I’m watching Planet Earth in the background to burn it in, while doing some real work (I’ll give my company that, I still take for granted how nice it is to be able to easily work from home, both administratively, and technology-wise). Every once in a while I look up and can’t help but say “wow.” LCD at 720p was nice, plasma at 1080p is epic. I’m a sucker for contrast ratios, I guess, though I’ll be the first to admit that any amount of light causes glare.