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Went to California today, so that I could have a full work week this week (complete with red-eye back Saturday morning) rather than three work days and two waste days. Too much to do.

Anyhow, I got to the airport at 6:10, a full two hours before my flight departed, at 8:10. I figured that was good enough for domestic travel.

I boarded at 7:50. Was in the bag drop line until 7:15, and security for the next 35, after which I raced to my plane. I just barely missed the cutoff when they start rushing you through so you’ll make your flight (half a dozen people made it on after me via this means; it still frustrates me how airlines reward tardiness).

I don’t know what is going on, but JetBlue’s terminal was an overcrowded disaster like I haven’t seen since flying American the day before Thanksgiving, no joke. I didn’t realize that two hours was insufficient for domestic travel. I guess my new rule of thumb will be three hours for domestic and four for international? Air travel keeps getting better and better.

But, as I alluded, it was a weird mix. Our flight got off on time, which when you leave from JFK, means you’re actually about two hours ahead of schedule (no joke, talk to the pilots sometime before a flight in the evening; they budget in and expect 1-2 hours of taxiway hold). So, I got into San Francisco before 11, which was incredible.