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I’m not disappointed with my 40D; it’s a good camera. Less than a year after the 40D was available, the 50D has been announced; I have to admit some envy. Microadjustment of focus on a per-lens basis, extremely high ISO performance, and peripheral illumination correction on a prosumer body? That’s hot.

The headline features are more nice-to-haves than wants for me. Another 5 megapixels isn’t that exciting. The new LCD is certainly an upgrade, but I shoot through the viewfinder. It would be nice for live view (which I only use occasionally for manual focus stuff) and certainly aides in review/chimping, but that I only really use the LCD for proofing/histogram checking, rather than on-camera review; it’s faster to shoot more cards and review at home. Av for dummies (CA) strikes me as redundant, and it’s certainly not worth giving up C3 in exchange.

Also nice that there’s a (well, let’s hope) comparable lens to the Nikon 18-200. Not the sort of glass I shoot, but I think it will be a great lens for a lot of people.

Now we wait to see if the elusive 5D replacement/D700 world beater shows up to the party…