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Well, jerks, my Fin stopped booting altogether today, and a new one would run a lot of money. I don’t see a lot of point throwing my money at a dying MVNO (even now that they’re acquired by Virgin) that fails to innovate. So, I terminated my contract and transferred my number.

Except I didn’t transfer my number, because AT&T couldn’t get my number due to some combination of it being an MVNO and a California exchange. Unless I wanted to fly to California, that is.

Fucking weak.

Oh well. Now I have another new phone number in just a year’s time. I’m not overly fond of it, but it is what it is. My monthly rate is about the same as on Helio, and this phone is better in nearly every way, save size.

Gotta say, beyond the brilliant UI design, I love the vibrate/make noise switch. It’s tactile, instant, and it works. Best switch. Ever.