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I’m back from Canada. It was a nice little vacation; got to see two new cities (Quebec City and Montreal) that I hadn’t seen before. I’ll have some photos and additional commentary in the coming days, but until I get that stuff organized, some capsule thoughts:

  • Holy shit, a lot happened to the economy while I was gone. I’m sort of scared. No matter how this plays out, I think it’s going to be ugly. Well, compared to now, which is already ugly.
  • Had a CF card go bad on the trip, that sucked. Just a reminder that flash storage isn’t perfect.
  • The 5DII was announced while I was gone; it has pretty much everything I’d expected, though it lacks a few of my hopes (full weather sealing, 100% viewfinder, and a 45-point autofocus system chief among them). Still, a 21mp full-frame body with high-ISO support under $3000 is a compelling thing indeed. Sounds like there’s already a lot of people intending to order them; not sure I’ll get a chance at one before the year ends. The new 24II looks pretty nice, as well. I’m glad the 35II didn’t come out; that would have made me sad about my 35I. Selfishly.
  • I had some fun with the Sigma 50/1.4 while I was gone; I limited myself mostly to the 50/1.4 and my 17-40/4. The Sigma is definitely quite sharp when wide open in the field; I need to look through the photos to see how well it did for hitting the focus points. I think on a crop body I still prefer the 35/1.4 as a standard, but the 50 is going to be interesting on a full frame. Wide-open shooting rules.
  • It’s really humbling to be in a place where you don’t speak the native language. That said, the Quebec people were generally extremely friendly and willing to deal with my ignorance; that was nice. Those that spoke English, even poorly, were very kind, patient, and accommodating.
  • Quebec City reminds me of Paris, though much smaller, newer, and cleaner. Montreal reminds me of any other moderately-sized city.