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I went to Canada. The drive up through the US was sort of crappy. With a little better planning, the drive would have been during optimal leaf peeping time, but you can’t have everything…

Anyhow, the first surprise was getting to Quebec City (the first destination, one of the oldest cities in North America), and then leaving it, rather than staying there for the night. See, I’d used one of those “geographically find a nearby hotel” sort of things, and it didn’t work. It picked a Four Points hotel that was about 13 kilometers north of Quebec City. So, had to drive in each day, park, and walk around. On the upside, parking plus a cheaper hotel was far cheaper than a hotel in the old city area.

Dinner that night was caribou stew and seafood in a crepe. The place was back in an alley and lovely. Forgot at first that the French tradition is to share tables. I’m not really into that.

Anyhow, starting the next day the city was explored! Quebec city was really nice; there were intelligent things like plentiful public clean bathrooms, everywhere. Witness the white tiles:

Quebect City reminds me a lot of Paris, only newer and cleaner, and not that big. This is the area near the Funicular:

Lots of tourist trap gift shops with stupid shit in them; they were fun to look through, but didn’t buy anything…

Had lunch one day at Le Petite Cochon Dingue; they served pastries and sandwiches, all offerings were excellent.

Lunch another day at Le Cochon Dingue was mixed; one meal was excellent for the money (a duck confit pastry), another sort of lackluster (a chicken sandwich). On the upside, they served pickles, and pickles are good.

Walking away from the old city and outside the walls of the city, ended up exploring the various Parliament buildings and such. This part of Quebec City was pretty, but not nearly as interesting.

On the way back from that, various pastries from this bakery aroused our senses. A Chocolatine was lackluster, but something with almond stuff inside it was incredible. And they were buy one get one free. Yum!

Lacking interesting text, here are some more photos from around Quebec City:

After looking around the city most of the first day, the second day was spent exploring the museum of civilization, and another museum so lame it isn’t worth mentioning. The former was interesting, but weird.

Higher resolution versions will be up on flickr in a bit..

A great deal of confusion was caused by the blinking green lights. Luckily, the combination of an iPhone and a wifi connection in the hotel meant that the mystery could be resolved. Blinking green lights in Canada are like green turn arrows. Sweet.

One night we had pizza at a nearby restaurant; the proprietor didn’t speak any English, and I only spoke enough French to get myself in trouble; it worked out. Our pizza came with french fries, which was strangely awesome.