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So, I’ve been in a weird funk for a few days, and can’t really shake it. In an attempt to disconnect my brain for a bit, I decided to fix my car’s stereo.

Ever since I had the new head unit installed by circuit city:

  • My terrestrial radio doesn’t work. This isn’t a big deal, because I mostly want to use satellite radio. Two scenarios where this sucks: 1) When I want access to a local radio station for local weather/traffic/construction information. 2) The local NPR station is far better than the options on Sirius.
  • The AUX input cable is routed down by the gas pedal; this is horribly inconvenient, and potentially dangerous.
  • My air conditioning vent changer dial never quite worked right.

So, I disassembled part of my dash, pulled out the head unit, and started poking around. Dug up the wiring diagrams for both my head unit and my car, and determined that:

  • There was an illumination wire on both sides that wasn’t connected.
  • There is an antenna power feed that isn’t connected (I have an in-window antenna; this energizes it so that it works; in other cars this would activate the motor to raise the antenna).

So, I stripped and connected those wires, powered the thing up, and there were no blown fuses, smoke plumes, or other strange things.

Yet, anyhow.

We’ll hope that my battery isn’t drained, or something equally weird tomorrow.

I then noticed that the sirius receiver unit was sort of tossed into place, and this caused all sorts of wires to be crammed all over the place. Such as into the gear that drives the actuator for the vent changing dial. Surprise surprise. Fixed that too.

Also re-routed the aux input into the glove box, since that makes a lot more sense, and doesn’t look hackish.

Re-assembled the dash assembly, and everything seems to work fine. Yay.

Yet, anyhow. We’ll make sure my battery isn’t dead tomorrow or anything.