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Last year (almost to the day) I attempted to drive up north and spot the fabled fall foliage. As long time readers may recall, I was not very happy with the leaves from 2007. This year’s showing was vastly superior.

Left just before noon and drove up 7 until Bennington, cut east on 9, and then took 91 back, which provided the opportunity to stop by my brother’s and have a quick dinner with him before returning home.

My hobby: Taking photos of people from a different angle when they’re posing for photos.

Stopped at Kent Falls (hard not to when you drive through Kent, though the $7 still seems a bit absurd for parking), a brief pass by Lime Rock, and then a few random places along the road otherwise. Ended up being dark just past Bennington, which was a shame because it looked like there were a few good vistas along 9. There’s always next year. Unless there isn’t.

The coming weeks should see the rich color hitting southwest Connecticut, so there are a few more opportunities, but this is probably the only driving trip I’ll do for the season.

Update: Whoops, had a duped image there, fixed. As always, you can visit flickr to get the full-size tour.