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I try not to answer most of the recruiter phone calls I get, but sometimes I’m in a funny mood when RESTRICTED starts flashing on my phone.

Today I told a recruiter that I was happy where I was, and I wasn’t interested in working with low end recruiting firms that wouldn’t even tell me who they worked with. To be fair, he’s at least a step above the guys that just war dial company directories, but not a big step. I apparently hit a nerve; his speaking became erratic and he started to defend both his position and firm as being high end.

Newsflash: If the most recent version of my resume you has is 3+ years old and you are calling me without having done any legwork at all, you are not a high end firm. If you don’t know where I work or what they do, you are not a high end firm.

In a follow-up email, he defended his earlier stance by providing a list of companies he works with, indicating that they are all out of my league (I indicated incompetence with multithreaded programming). My guess: these firms were companies he had worked with back when the buy side was being less selective about their hiring, since he’d mentioned already in the phone call that he was working with sell-side firms right now.

The icing on the cake was when he indicated that high end (oops, guess I was right about that) recruiters would have already sent my paperwork to the firms he mentioned.

As a consolation he offered a lateral move for less pay (which is funny, since he doesn’t know what my pay looks like) to break into something I don’t want to do.

Gosh, that sure sounds tempting, let me think about it.