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In an effort to not buy myself these things, I’ve put up a wishlist for my birthday and Christmas; it’ll be linked on the left of my website from this point forward, till I grow bored of it. I’ll keep it up to date and so forth; now that Amazon does the universal wishlist thing, it works pretty well, since I can do things like add board games from Lotech Games (I was very happy with their service and selection). Now you know. I wish the wishlists had a “randomly shuffle the items in this list” functionality, but whatever, it serves the purpose.

Went to Storm King today; pretty sure all of the photos I took were crap, but I’ll post some later if any turn out not to be. At the moment, my iPhoto computer is offline. I removed the video board yesterday, and confirmed there was a large area of burning near one of the transistors under the GPU. There’s a brand new GeForce 5200 on the way to try to get that limping along. My plan is to put bigger disks in it and hopefully keep it running for another few months, anyway. When I reach that terminal date, the idea will be to go to the current iMac, with the biggest disk it can hold, I think. To solve my “I want to play games on Windows by rebooting” problem, I decided instead to just, you know, buy a PC. When I next run out of storage on my file server, I’ll buy a 3TB WD NAS and use that as the new backup box.

This means I will own a Windows PC again. It makes me sort of sad, but it’ll actually play C&C and Supreme Commander and so forth. And Crysis, I guess. I don’t really have any interest in Crysis, but it’s such a running gag, I feel like I have to get it. It just makes more sense than buying a mac pro just because it might play windows games okay too. None of the software I use uses more than two cores effectively, at this point in time, so an iMac will be sufficient once I can’t repair the dual G5 anymore; I’ll just suffer with low-speed photo processing in the meantime. I don’t really understand the current PC hardware landscape, but it will have a core 2 extreme something and a 9800GT, and it sounds like that’s good enough.

Other than that stuff, not too much going on. I may start jury duty Wednesday, or any time during the next two months; this is really bad timing, work-wise. This also makes it very hard to book holiday travel. Or work travel. Or plan anything, really. Work is busy. I’m burnt out. I still like my iPhone. There are rumors some other folks are actually interested in learning how to play Twilight Imperium. Ended up playing Caylus; it’s quite good, and simple, once you get going.

LittleBigPlanet is a pretty awesome video game. Best platformer ever. Or at least since Mario 3. The songs are fucking catchy. I think they were picked entirely based on how likely they were to get stuck in your head.

That’s all for now.

Oh, my epitaph, should I die suddenly: “I’ve been meaning to read that.”