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After putting a new video board in my G5, it works fine again, without smelling like burning plastic death. Realizing no new macs are coming this year, I decided to solve my short-term issues by swapping the two 160GB drives for 500GB drives. To do this, I made a time machine backup, powered down, yanked the drives, plugged in one 500, restored the boot drive to it, booted, restored the second drive to it, rebooted, installed the second drive, and everything just worked.

The process and result is so uninteresting, but that’s the point: It just worked, with no hassle.

Next I swapped my secondary 500GB backup (archives from the RAID array, which is primary backup for everything else) with a 1TB USB disk, which proved to take only the following:

umount /mnt/mybook
mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 /dev/sdb1
mount /mnt/mybook
touch /mnt/mybook/TOKEN # lazy way of not writing backup to a mountpoint

Different sort of thing, but was pleased at how simple that was as well.

The only problem is that I now have a couple of terrabytes of small mybooks that I don’t need anymore. I tossed a few around to back up trivial stuff that doesn’t need to be backed up, but I’ve still got a TB spare. On the upside, I’ve been losing about 500GB/month to WD drive failures, so I’ll probably need the spares soon.

And then there’s the problem of two 160GB drives that aren’t worth the power to spin them. That’s sort of weird to comprehend.