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I’ve had my Windows PC (before which I haven’t had one for half a decade) for three days now. I was actually starting to think “you know, Vista isn’t that bad.” Sure, it’s irritating, and it gets in the way, but with modern hardware, it was pretty fast. It seems a bit better at insulating applications from one another, and the window manager compositing and IO prioritization actually seems to work.

Then I got a blue screen, and I was reminded that running Windows is pants.

Also, apparently I can’t run a minidump file in Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. As much as I’d love to dive into this with WinDbg right now, it’s time to go to work, so I’ll have to put that off.


Curiosity got the better of me. It’s the Saitek driver that caused the blue screen, dereferencing pointers somewhere off in never never land, from the looks of things. This confirms my suspicions: The Saitek joystick is a good piece of hardware with some really bad software.