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Played another game of Agricola, won by a small margin. I still like it quite a bit, though the variation imposed (provided?) by the starting 14 cards is a bit more randomness than I like in the game. Caylus does a much better job of ensuring there’s pretty much nothing random about the gameplay, but as games go is far less interesting and complicated.

Won my first game of Puerto Rico, again by a small margin. Focusing on income early in the game is definitely key, though I sort of screwed up on the endgame despite the win (big unactivated buildings). Oh well. Still remains a favorite for me.

Played my first game of Dominion, and it’s more interesting than I thought. Couldn’t seem to get anybody excited enough to play another game, though, so can’t really speak for replayability as well as for novelty that comes with different kingdom deck choices.

Finally got around to playing my first game of Twilight Struggle too. Totally fucked up scoring in Asia and lost by a preposterous amount as a result, but still got the basic mechanics of the game down (I’m probably stupid, but I had to read the rules twice before I was ready to give it a shot). Definitely easier to learn from somebody than to learn from the rulebook, I think. This might be a factor of it being my first card-driven wargame, but the way the operations/events usage interacted was pretty confusing at first. Didn’t really figure out when it’s better to use realignment versus coup rolls, largely because DEFCON never got that low (so it sort of necessitated using coups to keep from taking a huge VP deficit). Still, the mechanics of the game seem quite interesting, and I want to give this one another shot.

Conflict of Heroes arrived, as did the expansion for Twilight Imperium. I’m interested in trying the latter out soon (I think it will lead to a much better balanced game that actually results in some space combat), and the former is a bit intimidating at the moment. I think a few more Twilight Struggle plays are in order before I try to tackle a new war game…