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Working through the Kubrick I haven’t seen yet, saw The Shining last night. If I never see two little girls in blue again, holding hands, inviting me to play, it’ll be too soon.

I was put off by the awkward acting and lack of coherence in the performances in the early part of the film, and I feel like the tightness of the directing fell apart a bit as the film went on. What I can’t figure out is if that was intentional, to parallel the degrading mental state of Jack, or if it’s just how things happened. I guess I expected to be more on edge watching a Kubrick horror film than I was. I felt that a bit during the first part, after which things felt predictable to the point of camp. Perhaps this is just an artifact of all the camp that has followed The Shining, and my ability to take the film in independent of the last three decades is flawed.

All of that said, the tricycle shots were incredible, and the initial fly-over during the credits was also beautiful, even by today’s standards. The transfer to Blu-Ray was immaculate in terms of visual quality, though like my copy of FMJ, it seems like there’s a bit too much dynamic range on the audio — the music is not just chilling, it’s painfully loud, and the dialogue is far too quiet.

As a seminal film, it’s something that needs to be watched, but I think it’s lost a bit of its charm over the years. 7/10.