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I think perhaps this board game hobby is getting out of hand. I just placed 674 (well, actually 670) stickers on little wooden blocks. Here’s the before and after:

Anyhow, I’m short two medium 21mmx21mm brown blocks, so I’ve requested replacement from GMT, we’ll see how that goes. Having devoted five hours of my life to just getting this game ready, I think I’m tired of it already.

Update: I sent two emails, two days apart, to GMT, and didn’t hear anything. After four days, I noticed there was a “live chat” option available from their website. I talked to Sherry, and was quickly promised a replacement sent out the next day. Today (two business days later) I received two replacement blocks for every brown block, including the two I was missing. I suspect they do this since a) people might mis-measure, and b) it avoids somebody daying “you didn’t send me the right ones!” or somesuch. Either way, I was very pleased with the responsiveness once I got in touch with somebody. One of my emails was answered about a week after I originally sent it, but I believe (hope) collated with the live chat; if not, they won’t be able to do anything, since I didn’t provide a shipping address there.

Long story short, the customer service experience thus far has been good, just remember to use the live chat!