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Went to visit some friends in Philadelphia yesterday; uneventful drive in both directions, though we decided it best not to stick around today, since the weather for the evening returning to the NYC area looked a little shifty.

As I went to take my first photo of the day, I discovered I forgot to replace the battery in my camera. Don’t do that if you want to take photos. As a result, I didn’t take any photos at all for the weekend, so I can’t illustrate the gastronomic adventures.

Had lunch yesterday at Joe’s Peking Duck. The service was exceptional, the food was great, and when considered in terms of its prices, the value is hard to ignore. Highly recommended if you’re in Olde City and looking for reasonable and delicious meal.

In the early evening, we hit up Beneluxx for drinks, cheese, and chocolate. Tried probably a dozen and a half beers, as well as a number of wines, seven cheeses, and two varieties of chocolate. Of the cheeses, the “Red Dragon” (a port-soaked cheese with mustard seed, if I heard correctly) was very interesting, and a raw milk Roquefort was amazing. On the menu was an outstanding Ch√ɬĘteauneuf-du-Pape, but they were out, sadly. C’est la vie! A fun place to indulge.

Dinner then was at Amada. We tried at least a dozen plates (I sort of lost track), and the standouts for me were some of the flatbreads (duck confit flatbread, truffle artichoke flatbread, pernil over white beans, and the cheese plate (two soft goat cheeses, one Manchego). Only the baby squid was lackluster. The sangria was good (and strong), and the service was quite good. This was the first time I formally went for tapas, and it was a very fun experience. I can see why it’s hard to get a reservation here. Ambiance-wise, the place was trendy, if a bit incoherent in its interior decorating, and the music was too loud to hold a conversation with anybody across the table. The food was excellent though, and it more than made up for the noise.