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Grizzly Man tells the story of a guy who lived with grizzlies, knew that sooner or later they might kill him, and then they ended up killing him. This is a gross oversimplification, obviously. More accurate might be that Timothy Treadwell is a nutjob, and this is a film that expands upon that a bit. Ignoring the film for a minute, I don’t really see how he did anything effective to protect the grizzlies, at all. Misguided energy, and excuses, at best.Still, I have to admire that he managed to survive 13 years before being mauled to death. That takes a certain kind of street smarts and … balls.

Anyhow, Herzog did a really nice job of cutting all the footage together that was shot by Treadwell, as well as cutting in some video that he shot of people who knew him, and so forth. It’s not so much a documentary as … an exhibition of his life, perhaps? I don’t think it attempts to judge or push a bias, as most documentaries do. Rather, I get the sense of “here’s Timothy Treadwell’s life, as best as I can arrange his narration for you.” The film is well done, I’d give it an 8/10. The premise of the protagonist is … flawed. But that’s not what we’re evaluating…