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My copy of the German markers for Conflict of Heroes weren’t stamped quite deep enough (if that’s the correct terminology, which it probably isn’t), so they tended to bring some backing with them, or tear the backing off the back of the chits when punched. Despite a lot of careful work with an X-Acto knife, I was unable to rescue most of the chits, and they ended up looking pretty nasty.

I wrote the sales contact for the game, indicating that I’d like to purchase another German counter sheet, but didn’t really feel like buying the complete set of counter sheets ($20) that they sold. Uwe Eickert (designer of the game) wrote back just about first thing the next morning and indicated he’d be shipping me a replacement counter sheet for free, citing pride in delivering the highest quality pieces and game play experiences.

While I found GMT Games support to be pretty good once I got their attention (use the live chat, not the email), I was blown away by how quickly Uwe (and by extension Academy Games) responded, and quite pleased with the result. This sort of customer service, combined with the promise for the series, and the author’s involvement in online forums about the game makes me all the more anxious to see how the system turns out; sign me up for the pre-order list…