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Last year, about this time, I was entertaining myself with OKCupid, had just quit World of Warcraft (my one year anniversary of sobriety is coming up), and was finishing the last mechanical bits of getting divorced. My cat was developing another lesion, grandma was in the hospital and things were looking grim, and I’d already lost the first disk of the year. I was working on dropping the double-spacing habit and was toying with dropping the Oxford comma. I think I’ve mostly succeeded at the first challenge, though the iPhone is inadvertently bringing the habit back via its autocompletion-by-space mechanism.

Since then a lot changed; I lost a different grandparent that I expected to be around much longer. Grandma is still trucking along, though she is once again in the hospital, and things are, once again, looking grim. My cat has had another round of lesion outbreaks around her neck, though hopefully the newest round dosage increase will help keep that under control. I’ve since then lost an additional six disk drives, and increased my total disk space by 4.75TB. Oh, and I’ve bought my first Windows PC in years, which is still sort of weird. I have a girlfriend.

The more things change.

In my thoughts for the year last year, I wanted to hike more, read more, spend more time with friends, meet new people, exercise more, and find new music. I was toying with the idea of the west coast. I wanted to get to Galapagos within two years. I resolved not to kill myself.

As per custom, I failed at pretty much every resolution, and making it to Galapagos this year is looking unlikely at best. A trip to Germany and the green hell might happen. We’ll see. Turns out getting BMW ring taxi tickets isn’t a sure thing, which I didn’t realize. That part sucks. Being driven around the ring by Sabine is not quite as high as Galapagos on my “things to do before I die” list, but it’s a close second.

In the mass tradition of cultural failure and arbitrary conventions based on calendars, then, it’s time again to put together some thoughts for what I want to accomplish this year.

I still want to exercise more. To drink less. To eat healthier. To read more. To get more sleep. To find more music, spend more time with friends, find new friends, and pay attention to my old friends. To keep track of what matters. I’d like to be a nicer person, and stress out about the stupid shit a lot less. I want to spend more time taking photos than thinking about getting new camera gear, and I want to play games, rather than just buy them, of both the board and video variety.

Beyond that, I guess I’d like to have more drive, and an actual desire to do something. See you in 2010.