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I managed to finish Fallout 3 today. My time with the power armor was too short, and I felt like there was some depth lacking in terms of side quests if you stuck to the main storyline at all, rather than just screwing around and exploring. Still, the theme of the game was well executed, and it left a lot of variety in game play, weapons, and approaches to the game. I’d recommend it to people who like either post-apocalyptic games or role-playing games, though for those who like first-person shooters, it may not be quite as appealing. There was some real awkwardness in the way some of the cutscenes worked in terms of locking out movement and weapons, and the VATS system was, well, hit or miss. All-told, a fun game though, especially the theme. I think Vault 112 was my favorite part of the game, though making and using my first Shishkebab had a certain appeal to it.

Having no chance to use my 51-damage pistol, or pick up any friends (despite impeccable attention to maintaining my karma) was a bit of a bummer.

It’s the first game I’ve actually finished in … a very long time, which was somewhat satisfying in its own way.