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Encounters at the End of the World was a visually impressive film, another of Herzog’s documentaries, if one can call it that. Mostly, it’s a slow interview of several characters in Antarctica, covering what they’re thinking, doing, and what makes them tick. The images are beautiful, Herzog doesn’t spend too much time telling you what to think, and, refreshingly, it’s a nature film that doesn’t spend too much time beating the viewer over the head with dire warnings about the environment. It’s not that the environment doesn’t factor into the film, but it’s not overly preachy. Herzog spends a lot more time talking to people and getting their stories than he does making gratuitous shots of the environment, animals, and scenery, which makes it a very engaging viewing. Of course, there are also some awkward interviews, such as the gay penguin question (which is well-rescued with the depressing crazy penguin bit) and what feels like a forced conversation with a German who wishes not to speak of his past. Definitely worth a watch for a “nature” film that doesn’t fit the typical mold. 8/10.