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Had a remarkably pleasant wait-free license renewal experience at the Stamford remote DMV office. Highly recommended for people in Fairfield county that don’t want to be at the Norwalk DMV for six hours. Hate that place so much.

Figured out Sunday that my license was expired, and that I’d never received renewal information. I assumed it was because my address was wrong with the DMV.

And, sure enough, it was. It had the wrong town and zip. They had only updated my address, and a simple sanity check (this street doesn’t exist in Norwalk) would have alerted them to their error.

Here’s why this doesn’t make sense: The Connecticut court system was able to find me for jury duty at my correct address. I didn’t file any other address change paperwork with the state, as the license and registration change should have been sufficient for my, well, license, registration, voter registration, and other things, like jury duty.

What this tells me: The jury duty people are better at reading change of address forms than the DMV.

Does this surprise me: no.