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Are these accounts interesting anymore?

Maybe the interesting blog entries should be “I called tech support, got a dude instantly, and he resolved my problem.”

Dear reader, this did not happen with me and HP. Pretend I wrote an angry rant about HP tech support. About how I had to state all my information to three different people. About how my product doesn’t exist. But it does. It’s a business product. But it doesn’t say it’s a business product. They haven’t updated their system yet. Transferred. Transferred. Transfer failed. What’s your case number? What’s your case number? I can’t get a case number, because it’s the wrong group. They’re not allowed to share information or talk to each other. No joke. James Joyce. Too many periods, though. Ninety minutes.

I killed the 40-paragraph narrative about my experience. It was epic, but it’s not interesting. It’s the fucking norm.

Just don’t buy an HP product.