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I’ve moved. At some point I’ll get around to photographing the new place, though probably not until I’ve finished putting things away. Today the bookshelves should be arriving, so I can start packing up the vast majority of the stuff. So far I’m pretty happy with the layout; the additional space is nice. Anyhow, here are a few pictures to tide you over.

This is the packing paper sheet that inexplicably was not clean, white, and plain, when pulled directly from the box of packing paper. It’s the penultimate image taken while I still lived at the previous place:

This was part of an attempt to develop a theory that the quality of my sleep is proportional to how disfigured my pillow works in the morning, but I’ve yet to continue the experiment. It represents the last photo taken in my apartment, and now that I’ve moved out, no more shall be taken:

Move out was good, no charges. Cleaning is easier when you need to make things look clean, rather than actually be clean.

Anyhow, here’s the sneak peek at the new place. This is looking from the living room into the side of the kitchen. It took until today (as far as I know) for Loki to find her newest perch location, but somehow I wasn’t at all surprised to find her up there: