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I finished The Timeless Way of Building back in April … two years ago. That means I’ve been reading A Pattern Language for almost two years. It’s not that it’s a slow read, per se. At almost 1200 pages, it’s by no means short, but the bigger challenge I found was that I never felt like I had the right amount of focus to really appreciate everything I was reading.

A few weeks ago, still about a third of the way through the book with this mindset, I decided that I would be better served reading it in less than ideal conditions, and then coming back to it to meditate in a future reading, or as necessary. This worked far better, and got me to where I am today, which brings me down to just half a dozen in-progress books (though I did finish the first Sandman volume the other day, I probably won’t write any real thoughts on that until I finish the entirety).

I don’t think this volume is as finely tuned as the first; there’s a good deal of repetition and musing, which I suppose is all but eliminated if one just elects to take the two-star patterns and ditch the rest. Still, there is a wealth of collected wisdom and thoughts on design, construction, and the human condition within the pages of the text. I don’t feel the same nearly religious feeling throughout its pages, save for a few instances where a pattern reverberated in me. All of that said, if you appreciate The Timeless Way of Building, I feel you owe it to yourself to read this as well. 8/10.