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Went for a hike in Ward Pound Ridge today; first decent hike of the year. Forgot to terminate the track log, so no idea how long the hike was, but it felt good to get out again. Saw a decent number of other people, some horses, some dogs, and a crawdad.

Bit of a bummer that it costs $8 to visit, though it’s about the biggest thing to hike that’s a close drive away; anything much bigger would probably require two hours or more in the car. Oh well. I always hate the idea of hiking when I wake up in the morning, but once I get out and do it I’m glad.

Had a decent board gaming weekend, played Bang!, Age of Steam,
Galaxy Trucker, Arkham Horror (sort of, the game got aborted early), and started into my newest collectible board gaming dive off the deep end, HeroScape.

The game is pretty simple, and it’s designed for kids, I guess, but it does have some interesting depth, for a tactical wargame with relatively quick playtime. The base rules could fit on a page, but each hero/squad has enough differences to make things interesting, and the customizable terrain and scenario system is clever. I look forward to playing this a bit more when I’m looking for some relatively mindless dice rolling.

I think what I like about it is the modular/pluggable complexity of both scenarios and the characters in the game. And the fact that I can play it with somebody without them (in order to have an honest chance) having read a 40-page rulebook and memorized a CRT.