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I have a big backlog of nothing to talk about. I guess I’ll post some stuff. I haven’t been doing anything interesting of late, but I guess I’ve kept busy.

I’ve been noticing that I twitter the insignificant, and the remainder, which is significant, is blogged. Since nothing is blogged, you can accurately assume that I have nothing significant to say. Congratulations on your feat of deduction. I think it’s good, but when I have nothing interesting to say, that means a lot of radio silence, maybe that’s okay.

I’m done accumulating board games for a while. I have plenty. There are a few I want to play, and a few I want to own, and there are way to many that I own that I haven’t played, read the rules for, or so forth. I’ve spent far too much money on board games recently, and it’s as good a time as any to stop that.

In terms of my personal life, I’ve realized I have no goal, direction, or purpose in life. Should probably get one before I burn out and give up on the game.

A third of the year is gone. Fuck. I’m behind on reading by about 15 books, and so forth. Drinking too much, sleeping to little. Alas.

Anyway, slew of little bits of brain dropping coming for the next few minutes. You’ve been warned. Peace out.