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For some reason I decided to start Alias. Maybe it’s because it’s by Abrams, and Lost doesn’t come fast enough. On that note, it’s disconcerting to see Lost characters.

I love television on DVD. I love living in the future.

In general, the series is painfully predictable, take a few parts of the following, and repeat for five seasons:

  • They’re not really dead!?!?
  • Oh my god they’re dead!??!?
  • Torture
  • Jennifer Garner is a badass, gets in a sticky situation, gets out
  • They’re evil
  • They’re good
  • They’re evil
  • They’re good
  • There’s another tier of lies we haven’t shared

You get the idea.

It’s not deep. It’s not clever. It’s not particularly satisfying.

But as background music for a mundane existence, it’s not a bad thing to leave playing while tidying up the kitchen. 5/10.