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So I started playing Demigod today. It’s clever. It has all of the fun parts of an RTS (battle) without most of the time spent in the tedium (resource gathering). This is an oversimplification, but the game is pretty clever. It feels like a tactical RTS instead of a strategic one.

I suppose I should address the bad. Pathing is completely broken. To the point of absurdity. There’s only one unit (most of the time) that needs to be controlled by the player, and its almost impossible to path more than a few spaces without manual input. The game may lack micromanagement of an army, but it requires micromanagement of an individual creature.

Speaking of which, the action system is mostly broken, and it seems to be rather arbitrary if it works at all.

So far beating the AI on the first three tiers of difficulty seems trivial.

There’s no tutorial.

There’s no campaign.

There’s no story.

What I’m getting at, I think, is that the implementation of the game isn’t … it feels like a sloppy beta. But the idea is pretty nice — a match can be played rather quickly, the system is clever.

I haven’t yet tried multiplayer. It may be great.

So, the whole thing is sloppy, but it’s … strangely clever. I don’t really have a score for it yet, per se, but it’s worth a look, if only ot see an interesting direction for where RTS games can go (contrary to any press, it’s not an RPG or action game at all).