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My credit card information was stolen. Given the specific information the perpetrator had, it’s clear it was somebody that I’ve done business with online. It can’t have been somebody that just swiped my card. My information was either misplaced carelessly, or used intentionally in a far more nefarious manner.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal if the perpetrator had just gone and fraudulently bought a television or inflatable sex doll.

No televisions for the criminal, it turns out. They bought a song on iTunes, purchased something small at Vistaprint, and then proceeded to sign up with every website and service related to the following:

  • Lotteries
  • Get rich quick pyramid schemes
  • Government grants
  • Debt hardship recovery

They also ordered something small from Vistaprint and spent a dollar on iTunes. The majority of the purchases otherwise were spent purchasing live video cam sex and similarly worthwhile endeavors.

This means I’m getting called constantly now by people from the above organizations. They all speak in broken English, and sound suspiciously similar in many cases, despite calling from different phone numbers and companies.

This is very frustrating.