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Crysis was novel, when things were getting going. Half Metal Gear, half every other tactical FPS, it had some interesting elements. The suit concept was novel, though irritating with each change getting a voice message for it. Having only two guns is a bit of a pain, but also forces you to adopt a certain style/approach, which is nice. That it requires a ridiculous GPU is silly, but the results were beautiful in certain parts.

But the game is riddled with bugs. I assume this is because, when the game was shipped, none of their QA could afford a system powerful enough to play the game.

Numerous times I had to go back to earlier save games because various vehicles or mobs bugged. I’ve had hummers driving around with people that look dead and frozen, but still shoot at you and can die, numerous mobs that just could not be shot dead, but could shoot at me indefinitely. Helicopters that remained thousands of feet away and at a higher angle than I could reach with my gun.

In the core, I frequently walked through walls, and got stuck inside of other ones.

The menus, even outside the game, frequently get a vertical offset glitch of a few dozen pixels, where everything works, but I have to click above the button.

The sound frequently glitches, no matter what settings I use, and whether I use onboard sound or discrete sound.

Towards the end of the game, the game locked up on me at least a dozen times, and when it wasn’t locking up, each reload from save kept getting more and more sluggish.

Often times it was impossible to drop my rocket launcher, or switch to it at all. Since you can’t just pick up rocket launcher ammo, this is a bit of a problem.

Dialog would frequently abort for no reason, and not resume.

I definitely enjoyed the game, but this was incredibly bad, as far as experiences go.

Half Life 2? No bugs at all. At all. And that’s where the other big difference came in. Half Life 2 was long. Like, 20 hours of gameplay for me, anyhow. Really rewarding stuff, looking back and realizing all the stuff I’d done. This game was short.

And the ending is absurd. Killing the Koreans, fine. Having some crazy alien world and set of creatures, fine. Standing on a carrier while the massive super-alien creature just stood there and waited for me to methodically kill it? Absurd. Using a nuke to kill something, where a nuke gave it power before? Are you kidding me?

Anyhow, Crysis is beautiful, visually, but has shitty QA and an increasingly impossible storyline. Glad I’ve done it, but I have no desire to go back and pick up the story with Warhead.