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I suppose there’s not much I can add to what’s already been said, but A Feast for Crows was a bit frustrating. I’m note entirely enamored by GRRM’s approach of writing a book two books long, and then making two books out of it, by telling the stories of the characters nobody cares about first. Taking five years to finish the next book is a bit of a bummer, despite the claim that all the writing was mostly done, but that’s been hashed out to death on the Internet too. After burning through the first three books quite quickly, this one took me two years to slog through, and I’m not over happy now that I’ve made it through. It felt like one of Robert Jordan’s classic 318-page introductions, only it was an entire book long. Chalk that up to two authors whose next (final, in one case, I suppose) books I’ll read at the end of this year, but will probably do so more out of grudging dedication than appreciation for the immediate books preceding them. 5/10.