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Had some issues with the primary volume on my file server, but the damage has been repaired. The machine’s now up and running again with more ram, more CPU, bigger disks, a battery backup unit on the controller, and Ubuntu.

I loved Gentoo. I’ve been running it non-stop for just under a decade. But, after the glibc compile brokedown on the multilib configuration for amd64, and realizing I had no desire to return to a 32-bit build, I said “fuck it” and moved back to a binary distribution.

Ubuntu’s working well, beyond a bit of frustration that it didn’t come with a console-only option, and I had to pare that crap back. It’s not perfect, and some things are a bit of a mess, but it works well enough, and there’s a certain joy in the speed of binary installs again.

Incidentally, swapping the processor out only to discover its second core wasn’t recognized filled me with a bit of dread. I ended up having to make a freedos boot floppy (on CD, since I don’t actually have the required floppy drive for the bios update), and then bootstrapping the updater on it. It worked well enough, but it was a good reminder of why I don’t particularly like upgrading hardware myself anymore, ever.